September 7, 2015 Joyce Zaidwerger Marged

Jacki was knowledgable, helpful and so professional. She has a wonderful selection of wigs and will style to personally fit your face. Highly recommend !!

August 30, 2015 Barbara C.

Jacki came highly recommended to us and now I see why. My mom walked out with a beautiful wig and her dignity back in tact. Jackie was very compassionate and was able to get my moms number right away. She looked at a few photos and came up with many different ideas. It didn't hurt that Jacki was previously a hair stylist and was able to style the wig to perfection for my mom. Jacki is a true professional who gets pure joy out of handing people back their confidence. I would highly recommend this experience for anyone in need.

July 9, 2015 Nicole Z.

Jacki is great! Came here with my grandmother. You can tell she loves what she does, and is so kind and compassionate while doing it. So professional and great at what she does. And another plus-- they have an adorable poodle! Great find after a bad experience at another wig store!

May 21, 2015 Debra Trolman

Only the best attention and care to you! No need to look further!


May 22, 2015 Theresa Foote

I found Jackie's shop on the Memorial Sloan Kettering website. My mom has been going through chemo for almost 2 yrs. she's lost most of her hair and was thinking of getting a wig. She was very nervous and scared but thought it might make her feel more like herself. Jacki made her feel so comfortable asking what she liked style and color. Even when my mom started crying she understood and helped her feel better. My mom walked out of there feeling like herself her head held high and with a smile on her face. Thank You from the bottom of my heart.

February 21, 2015 Nancy Demase

Jacki is so good at what she does all her years of training is a bonus for her clients she knows what will work for you and her guidance is invaluable

February 3, 2015 Jennifer McCabe

I love Jackie and Marty- great product and people who you can trust!

Jan 18, 2013 by dalvo70

Wow, for a time in my life when everything seemed so horrible, this place really was a huge "pick me up!" From the moment I entered Jacki's Wig Works, I knew I was sent to the right place. In addition to the hospital referring me here, I have sadly two friends with cancer and they both sent me here. One has been a client for many, many years and the other has been here for the past year. I was very hesitant to come in as my experience elsewhere was less than subpar. Jacki has the most welcoming way about her. She's the owner and I can see clearly why. This is a small place that caters big. From the minute she waited on me, and I really did feel pampered immediately, I felt at ease. I had no idea what I wanted, except to cry, and that feeling left almost as fast as I walked in. Jacki was professional, yet empathic. She didn't make me feel like she pitied me, but she showed me total respect. I was comfortable asking many questoins and she was patient in answering every one. Thank you!!

Jan 5, 2013 by anonymous

A wonderful place to go if you need or want a wig. Jackie makes you feel so comfortable and let's you take all the time you wa A wonderful place to go if you need or want a wig. Jackie is very professional and caring and makes you very comfortable. She is also very talented and always finds what's just right for you.

Jan 3, 2013 by Tess

I have spent two decades searching for a professional who could bring back my self confidence after losing my hair. Most wig salons lack the contemporary flare..Jackie brings years of experience, she has an excellent "eye," knowing wigs suited for her customers....and infinite patience...Don't take my word ...take a ride to Wig Works...That ride, for me, changed my life

Jan 1, 2013 by somethingphysical

Needing to wear a wig is traumatic for any woman, but Jackie is amazing and made this difficult process extremely positive. She genuinally cares and is extremely knowledgeable and talented. I return monthly to have my wig cleaned and have added many more wigs from her store. When she has not seen me for a while, she will call to find out if I am okay. This is a very special woman doing exactly what she loves!

Dec 29, 2012 by anonymous

I have been without hair most of my life and a customer of Jacki's Wig Works for over 30 yrs. Jacki not only provides a wide selection of wigs but is also a professional hair dresser who cuts and customizes your wig as needed. Jacki truly cares about our needs. Upon leaving Wig Works you will genuinely feel self confident and happier for the experience.

Dec 27, 2012 by anonymous

Yesterday was an uplifting experience. My best friend her daughter and I walked into Jacki's Wig Works to be greeted by an angel. Jacki was knowledgeable and patient when helping my friend to find the perfect wig to fit her face. My friend is just staring chemotherapy and knows she will be losing her hair. Jacki listened carefully to the style that my friend feels best in, and made suggestions that were great. When the wig was selected Jacki put the finishing touches on it making it a true custom fit for my friend's face. By the end of the visit we walked out thrilled with our choice and so happy such a compassionate person served us.

Dec 27, 2012 by anonymous

I have alopecia which requires me to wear a wig everyday. Jackie changed my life. She is not only the most loving person that is in this business but she knows which wig companies are the best ones to supply her shop with. She has been in the business for so many years and that's because she is kind, filled with compassion and totally professional.

Dec 26, 2012 by anonymous

There are times in one's life that you need to make difficult choices. For me, after living into my sixties with thinning/balding hair, I needed to make a change and find a way to look in the mirror and feel good. A friend told me about Jacki's Wig Works and that connection truly changed my life. I've been a customer of Jacki's for close to 5 years. She is my advisor, stylist and coach all in one, and has changed the way I look and feel about myself. Most of all, her patience and understanding of what I needed at the time as added a new confidence to my life. Jacki is the quintessential professional and knows her business! I have seen her with other clients and she treats everyone with respect and dignity. I wholeheartedly recommend anyone reading this message who is looking for a change to visit Jacki's salon and meet a very special woman.

Sept 13, 2012 by jen

Jackie And Marty are wonderful! Jackie is very knowledgeable with all her products! She and Marty are great to work with and always a pleasure! -Jennifer Payne at JR

Jan 2, 2012 by onlymema

The Holiday to do is over and now we sit to do all the things put aside. About a year ago I found Jacki's Wig Works. Due to certain issues my hair was thinning, well let me say this place has been a blessing. The owner Jackie is so experienced in this field, (and her professional hairdresser Lydia is as well.) The atmosphere is comfortable and descrite as well. This is and can be a touchy subject to women. Her pricing is right and to anyone out there needing this kind of service, you must visit Jacki's. Hope you have the same wonderful experience. Lady from Long Beach.

Nov 21, 2011 by Guest64366

Love the friendly atmosphere, the quality products, the reasonable prices, and especially the full-service option. The jewelry is fabulous and reasonably priced also. I feel confident on giving Jacki's Wig Works a 5-star rating on all levels.

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